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(medium octahedrite, IIIAB)

Erg du Ténéré, Agadez District, Republic of Niger
Find: November 2015
TKW: 52.5 kg (one mass)
Individual 51 kg

History: Found in November 2015 exposed on the surface by artisanal miners while prospecting for gold between Tehmet and Djado in the Tènéré Tafassasset. Click here for full find documention and report of associated masses.

Physical characteristics: The 52 kg mass is 39 × 25 × 18 cm and has the shape of a longitudinally split cone with the cone section showing minor concavity while the opposite surface is distinctly convex. Numerous regmaglypts measuring 1-3 cm across and 1-1.5 cm deep are present, and at least one troilite inclusion is observed. The specimen is coated with a thick layer of dark brown desert varnish.

Petrography: Polished sections display a well-developed Widmannstätten pattern of a medium octahedrite with a mean kamacite bandwidth of 1.0±0.2 mm. Neumann bands are visible within kamacite. Schreibersite and graphite are absent in the sections observed. Troilite is present in the form of rounded and bar-shaped inclusions ranging from 2-20 mm across the longest axis, partly surrounded by thin swathing kamacite. Fractures up to 1 mm wide penetrate the meteorite along the kamacite lamellae and are filled with terrestrial oxides, otherwise the interior weathering is very moderate. Fusion crust and heat-affected zones are mostly absent.

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Iron, unclassified
Bordj Al Mokhtar area, Adrar Province (NWA)
Find: Winter 2001, recognized as Meteorite in May 2015
TKW: 11,200 g (one mass)
Individual 11,200 g

Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Adrar Province, a new unclassified iron from the Algeria – Mali border area. The compact yet heavily sculpted piece weighs 11.2 kg, with exceptionally well preserved fusion crust on large parts of the surface, coated with a only a thin layer of surface oxidation. Large regmaglypts and heavy ablation of edges and protruding ridges bear witness to its fiery descent through Earth’s atmosphere. The iron was found by nomadic Berbers in 2001 – “probed” for a possible gold or silver content with negative results, and left in place, remebered only as a curiosity. Only 2015, when the finders made contact with Moroccan meteorite dealers, the iron was recovered from its find location and recognized as iron Meteorite. A broken corner is evidence of the crude analytical approach of the local finders. This is a well preserved and massive celestial iron from one of the more archaic regions of the Central Sahara …

Meteoritical Bulletin

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Iron meteorite, IIIAB, fine octahedrite
Altay territory, Slavgorod Region, Yarov, Russia
Find: May 1991
TKW: 10.7 kg (one mass)
Fullslice, one side polished and etched, reverse side etched: 166.0 g
The Yarovoye iron meteorite was found near the streambed of a river while plowing virgin soil in May 1991 on the outskirts of the Yarovoye settlement. The mass weighed 10.7 kg, of which ~2.250 kg are kept at the Vernadsky Institute while the remaining 8.4 kg were distributed to museums and to the collector’s market. The meteorite features a beautiful Widmannstätten pattern with a bandwith of 0.2 – 1 mm. As can be seen at the slice pictured, the etched surface also shows a number of schreibersite inclusions. Dimensions of the fullslice are approx. 13.5 x 11.0 x 0.3 cm.
Meteoritical Bulletin

Iron meteorite, IIIAB, octahedrite, MB 103. Click here to view the entry for Yarovoye in the Meteoritical Bulletin data base

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Dayet el Aam

Iron meteorite, IIAB, hexaedrite
Tiris Zemmour, Mauretania
Find: 2012
TKW: 4.97 kg (one mass)
Quartercut, polished, etched and natural surface: 1,046.80 g
A new iron from Mauretania finally published in Meteoritical Bulletin 105: One regmaglypted mass of 4.5 kg was found in the Erg el Ahmar, north of Taoudenni near the border to Algeria. The windpolished exterior displays a beautiful grey-green luster. The polished and etched surface reveals geometrically arrayed rhabdite plates and several Generations of Neumann lines, characteristic for most hexaedrites. The iron has been classified at the University of Alberta, Canada.
Meteoritical Bulletin

Iron Meteorite, IIAB, hexaedrite MB 105. Click here to view the entry for Dayet el Aam in the Meteoritical Bulletin data base

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Aioun el Atrouss 002

Iron meteorite, IIAB, hexaedrite
Hodh el Gharbi, Mauritania
Find: 2015
TKW: 17.2 kg (one mass)
Individual w. cut window 17.1 kg
Sculpted desert iron meteorite with remnant regmaglypts and laterite patina. Subsurface weathering has carved out the regmaglypts on the buried portion of this iron and created a unique pattern or sharp ridges and distinctive bowl-shaped cavities. In contrast, the exposed and windposlished portion developed a rich desert patina. With a weight of >17 kg, this sample of asteroidal core material is a true museum-grade display piece.
One corner has been sectioned for a classification sample. The resulting surface was polished and etched. The etch pattern structurally resembles a hexaedrite with at least two distinct generations of Neumann bands and a pattern of parallel rhabdite planes, which are oriented almost perpendicular to the most prominent set of Neumann lines.
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