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Aridal 011

Stone, chondrite, L6, W1
Boujdour, South Morocco
Find: February 16, 2012
Finder: S. Buhl
TKW: 568 g
Individual: 180.0 g

Moderately sand-abraded chondrite found on February 16 as the first meteorite find of the 2012 Meteorite Recon expedition in South Morocco. The L6 chondrite also marks the first find of the newly discovered dense aggregation area Aridal (Bir Aridal / Imirikli Labyad). In total, during the first Expedition to the Aridal area, the Meteorite Recon Team found more than 30 fragments of six meteorites representing three different fall events. The top photo shows the 180 g Imirikli Labyad 001 meteorite in situ (Because the finds of the 2nd Expedition were classified and submitted before the 1st, the first find received the DCA-number 011).


Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada
Find: July 1, 2007, specimen found on July 29, 2009
TKW: > 5,372 g
Shrapnel: 191.2 g

Jagged scallop-shaped shrapnel from the Whitecourt crater-producing meteorite. The specimen is well preserved with sharp bent edges and delicate shear marks still visible on its uncleaned surface. The handwritten specimen label by Chris Herd, curator of the meteorite collection of the University of Alberta reads:
“Whitecourt specimen 191.2g
Collected July 29, 2009 by R. Kofman and C. Herd
location UTM zone II
591939 Easting, 5984326 Northing
Found at depth of 25 cm (below modern soil)
Cleared with DI water, rinsed with acetone.
[signature] C.Herd”

Northwest Africa 7707

Stone, chondrite, L6, S3, W1
East of Dakla, Morocco
Find: 2011
TKW: 2,520 g
Individual w. cut surface: 2,440 g

Exceptionally sculpted chondrite reportedly found in the desert east of Dakhla, South Morocco. Although >90 percent of the meteorite’s surface displays near fall fresh fusion crust, it must be assumed that the specimen is not a recent fall. A small portion of the stone shows deep funnels and grooves due to corrasion (sand abrasion) that are penetrating up to 8 mm deep into the matrix. The cut surface shows a dark melt vein.