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Mreira (Mehaires), chondrite, meteorite fall
Mreira (Mehaires), chondrite, meteorite fall
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Stone, chondrite, L6, S6, W0
Tiris Zemmour, Mauritania
Fall: December 16, 2012
TKW: 6 kg
Individual 104.0 g

“History: According to Ait Hiba Abdelhadi, a fireball was seen in the afternoon sky on December 16, 2012, several school children saw the fireball explode and detonations were heard near the village of Mehaires, Western Sahara. Pieces were recovered approximately 40 miles south of Mehaires, near Mreïra, Mauritania, only a few days after the event. The strewn field is in the area called “Stailt Omgrain”, which is a local nomadic name. This is south of Mehaires and north of the mountain “Galbe lahmar”. Therefore this is a possible fall associated with the fireball of December 16, 2012. A total of approximately 6 kg of freshly crusted stones were recovered.. “Meteoritical Bulletin 104.
This specimen is an exceptionally fresh, fully crusted wedge-shaped individual displaying small regmaglypts and streaks of red soil from its impact on the surface.
Inventory #



May 22, 2016


Chondrites, Stones, Witnessed Falls