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Nuevo Mercurio

Stone, chondrite, H5, W0
10 km northeast Nuevo Mercurio, Zacatecas, Mexico
Fall: 15 Dezember 1978, 18:50 hrs local time
TKW: > 5 kg
Individual 101.20 g

Fallfresh 101 g individual of the Nuevo Mercurio H5 chondrite. This meteorite fell after a brilliant fireball that was witnessed from a larger area across the country. A shower of stones fell near Rancho Santa Cruz on December 15, at 18:50 local time. About 300 specimens were recovered in an initial search, totalling 5 kg. The main mass weighed 1.4 kg. An unusual feature in this H5 chondrite are irregular pores (“vugs”), in which crystals of the various phases have developed. The pictured specimen was acquired from the Tricotett-Collection (A. Mignan), the writing was applied by the previous owner A. Lang, who obtained this stone from its finder.
Inventory #



October 3, 2015


Chondrites, Stones, Witnessed Falls